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I am Rajesh Khanna MD Certified Refractive Surgeon

Founder – Khanna Vision Institute

About me

Rajesh Khanna MD is the refractive surgeon who founded Khanna Vision Institute with a focus on delivering the best vision procedure to a person seeking independence from glasses and contact lenses.

Khanna Vision Institute – Rajesh Khanna MD





Learn about the eyes, how we see and how to improve your vision with and without surgery

Rajesh Khanna MD

He has successfully performed tens of thousands of vision correction procedures.

Brenda Song

Dr. Khanna waved a magic wand and made my astigmatism disappear. It helped me a lot in my acting career by eliminating the glare from overhead lights.

Khanna Vision Institute

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To provide our best services at all times.

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Patient care and understanding is our prime concern.

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