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Keratoconus Treatment Help Here

Keratoconus Help is the Los Angeles home of information and treatment of keratoconus.
Many patients with keratoconus who want to have Intacs surgery with Dr. Khanna Live far away. They may not have an experienced surgeon close by. In such situations, we are more than happy to work with your current eye doctor.
Many times we may already be familiar with your eye doctor. If not, we would be happy to coordinate your eye care with him/her.
Request your eye doctor send your records to us. Please include a color copy of your corneal mapping. Color corneal mapping is a very important tool to determine your candidacy. If you have not had a color corneal mapping, please speak with your doctor about having this performed.
Mail us a letter with your complete name and contact information. State that you would like Dr. Rajesh Khanna to perform a record review for IntacsĀ® treatment for keratoconus.
Your Doctor would be required to sign a comanagement form.
You would be required to sign a form indicating that you allow both your doctor and Dr. Khanna to coordinate and mange your care.

If you are interested in keratoconus but are unsure which treatment is best for you, call or email to schedule your consultation with Dr. Khanna at the Khanna Institute today.